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Associated General Contractors of America

Company Profile

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the leading national construction trade association and has a rich history of providing technology enabled products and services as a value-add to its membership and Chapters.

Working Together

eCoreXperience began its successful partnership with AGC in 2007 with the redesign of AGC's website and has continued to provide its technical guidance and support to the present.

Website Redesign

In response to feedback from its membership base, AGC determined that their current website needed to be redesigned from both a visual and structural perspective. Beginning with thorough requirements gathering as well as technical and content analysis, eCoreXperience began the process of addressing both the visual and structural issues with the existing site via an iterative process of work product development and client review and input. The success of this effort was demonstrated when the redesigned site won a 2008 WebAward for Association Standards in Excellence.

Learning Management System Solution

In order to provide educational support to its members, generate additional revenue streams and minimize the administrative burden on AGC Education staff, it was determined that a Learning Management System (LMS) was required. Given its learning expertise, eCoreXperience worked with AGC to first manage the product selection process - from requirements gathering to product selection — and then coordinated the implementation of the selected product. In addition, our iMIS expertise was applied to the development of web services to provide seamless integration between the LMS, iMIS and the Content Management System.

Enterprise Architecture Development

In response to member and Chapter needs, as well as the business needs of the organization, AGC's technology offerings and infrastructure had grown considerably over the last several years. This growth, however, created a new set of challenges for the organization. As a result, eCoreXperience collaborated with AGC in the development of an Enterprise and Service Oriented Architecture that would provide the organization with a state-of-the-art, standards-based foundation from which to build a robust and cost effective infrastructure and business application portfolio - one that is both extensible and scalable so as to better meet the future needs of the organization.

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