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Get Efficient is a technology integration firm serving the non-profit marketplace that couples LEAN process improvement with Association Management System technology to help clients improve operations and reduce costs. After launching the company in 2009, Get Efficient was confronted with the critical need faced by all organizations of creating both a Web presence and a brand message that could be carried over to other print media. As a result, they looked to eCore as a trusted partner to help them establish a cohesive brand that would extend across all media — one that represented the high quality service they provide to their clients.


The project began with discussions regarding the company mission and vision as well as how best to portray both. All elements were considered: palette, typography, imagery, composition and content. Through iterative meetings and calls, the brand evolved. From the website perspective, navigation and page level wireframes were developed. A visual design was created with a focus on key messaging and then a front-end code package, including an image carousel, was developed and implemented. In conjunction with the website development, branding was being extended to other marketing/outreach materials. This included development of PowerPoint templates, letterhead, business cards and sell sheets. The eCore team has continued to work with Get Efficient to apply and expand their brand through ongoing marketing efforts.

Featured Services

  • Performed Requirements Gathering and content acquisition
  • Created a clean navigational structure and engaging visual design
  • Developed consistent brand that carried across all media
  • Develop front-end code package
  • Designed print collateral including sell sheets, postcards, business cards, letterhead and PowerPoint templates

URL: http://getefficient.com

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