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National Education Association, Member Benefits

NEA's relationship with eCore began with a Website Usability Study conducted in 2005. The NEA Member Benefits (NEAMB) group needed guidance on how to better focus its website on the needs its members. The NEA Member Benefits Corporation is a subsidiary of the NEA, established to develop, implement, and administer NEA Member Benefits programs and services. Traditionally, the website had been product-centric in design and organization. But, as the membership base grew and evolved, the need for a more user-centric model emerged as a key component of the organization's growth.

To that end, eCoreXperience performed a thorough analysis of the existing NEAMB website, as well as a technical environment analysis. The evaluation focused on overall site usability from a structural, visual, and functional perspective with an emphasis on search accuracy, navigation, content, and functionality. It included a gap analysis that compared the NEAMB website to industry standards and best practices. A site deconstruction map was also developed to identify areas for structural improvement. From this analysis, we provided detailed recommendations designed to help NEAMB redesign its site to provide its members with the functionality and ease of use that they required.

Following on the success of those recommendations, NEA once again called on eCore to facilitate a strategic workshop which allowed NEA's leadership to further refine its Member Benefits Site—resulting in a key change that allowed NEA to drive new business and membership. The success of our initial collaboration led to an ongoing partnership in which eCore continues to support NEA's mission and expand its offerings, including the development of a strategic online learning initiative.

Our collaboration with NEA, from a learning perspective, has included a variety of initiatives:

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • eCore managed a product selection process that included requirements gathering and documentation; potential vendor identification; RFP development and distribution; RFP response analysis and comparison; and recommendations for selection.
  • We executed LMS implementations for two distinct instances: one member-facing (NEA Academy) and one internal (Leadership Institute). We created the visual designs for both sites, developed wireframes for page structure, created taxonomies for tagging courses for ease of access, performed project management to manage vendor and client development tasks, and coordinated catalog development.

Strategic Guidance

  • We developed a strategic roadmap for the improvement of NEA's Academy website and its integration with the LMS. This included requirements gathering, collaboration with key business stakeholders, and developing a milestone-based roadmap to serve as a go-forward plan.
  • eCore also performed an in-depth analysis, with cost as a major driver, of the requirements and processes needed to support a robust eLearning offering to members. We conducted a series of interviews with key NEA representatives to identify needs and concerns, and to assess the current course acquisition processes. On that basis, we developed a detailed Decision Tree to clearly map the processes required to make a successful and structured Buy vs. Build decision for courses to be offered in the NEA course catalog. Finally, eCore developed an online course to disseminate this new process throughout both the Academy and broader state-based NEA organizations.

Online Learning Development

  • eCore developed an asynchronous, online course for English Language Learning teachers. The project included requirements gathering, storyboard development, asset management and acquisition, audio script development, management of video and audio sessions, quiz and assessment development, and the implementation of 7 modules within the LMS.
  • We developed an asynchronous, train-the-trainer online course to help NEA leaders across the country deliver a message about the economic benefits of promoting the value of education. This involved requirements gathering, storyboard development, asset management and acquisition, multimedia integration, quiz and assessment integration and the delivery of 9 modules for implementation in the LMS.

Featured Services

  • Leveraged our experience in the learning sphere
  • Performed Usability Analysis for website
  • Managed LMS project selection process
  • Developed structure and design for two instances of LMS
  • Created online courses
  • Defined a strategy for Buy vs. Build decisions relating to courseware

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